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Mike Presents: The Chinatown Bus, "A Picture Story"

Faces have been smudged to protect the innocent...

The different Chinatown Bus Lines generally use large buses with reclining seats that carry 50-60 passengers. And don't worry, there is a bathroom at the back of the chinatown bus.

At first, there were primarily Asian riders. But now the Chinatown Bus mix includes students, European backpackers, and even business men.
Chinatown Bus passengers

I used to be able to pack my things, run out the door, and catch the next Chinatown Bus at 10 minutes before scheduled departure.

But it looks like those days may be gone. At least with respect to the weekends and major holidays. During the week, no worries. For Saturday morning travel and holidays, I recommend buying Chinatown Bus tickets ahead of time and arriving at least 20 minutes early. The word is out and people are taking the Chinatown Bus!

Bus line for Travel Pack
This past holiday season, some of the Chinatown Bus lines ran extra buses to accommodate the crowd of passengers. I was bumped from my scheduled trip a couple of times, but only had to wait half an hour for the next Chinatown Bus trip. For just $10 for a one-way Chinatown Bus ticket, I can't really complain. Just about to load Travel Pack bus in Chinatown
If you haven't taken any of the Chinatown Buses before, make sure that you get on the right one. This goes for boarding in New York, which seems to be the main hub for all the Chinatown Bus lines. There is usually a sign at the front of the Chinatown bus which gives point of origin and destination. Sign on Fung Wah Bus
The Chinatown Buses are all pretty clean, with plastic bags for garbage at the end of each aisle seat. Garbage bags keep the Fung Wah clean

The Chinatown Bus drivers almost always make a rest stop about half-way through the trip (break lasts about 15 minutes). Passengers get a chance to stretch, eat fast food, and freshen up at the bathrooms. After pumping the gas, the Chinatown Bus drivers get to do the same. I always like to look at the gas totals-- once it was $145.90 and another time the total was a whopping $192.10.

And last, but not least. Sometimes the Chinatown Buses show movies- in English if you're lucky. They can range from Rush Hour to the Sound of Music to an Asian film with subtitles.

Rest stop and Gas up for Fung Wah Bus

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