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Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 11:05:41
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Scott"

Congrats on your useful site. A couple of comments: Many people think that the Chinatown busses are the lowest fare option, but, as of last year, Both Greyhound and PeterPan have the same prices as the Chinatown bus fares. There are great deals for going to and from Boston, New York, Philly, Baltimore and Washington Seems like it would be good to give these folks their due and mention them also. Both types busses have their Pros and Cons, but, to mention a few: If you are going to midtown manhattan or uptown, then the Greyhound / PeterPan busses may be more convenient. Some other advantages: they are likely have more thoroughly trained drivers, and a possibly higher level of safety. (I'm just guessing here, I'm not secretly stumping for the bus companies.)

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 07:35:03
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Valencia"

I have been on 3 chinatown buses and have a different experience for each. The first bus I happend upon was Eastern. We left from H Street in DC the early AM and arrived in NYC in about 3.5 hours, which was great. The bathroom on the bus, however was terrible! It stunk up the entire bus! On the way back was different. It took over 4 hours to get back to DC, but the bathroom was better and were even shown a movie. The Today's bus is the bus I ride often since it has more convenient pick up times in DC. the bathroom situation is the same going to NYC, but the driver always manages to get to NYC in 3.5 hours with a bathroom stop. The ride back has taken anywhere from 4-6 hours to get to DC (why the gap in arrival times?) I made the mistake of traveling New Years weekend and had to fight to get on the bus that Sunday. The bus was supposed to leave at 4 and I didn't get to leave NYC until 6:30. It was chaotic and crowded on the sidewalk with unhappy customers. From that experience, I decided to try Dragon. I got at 14th and L about 10 minutes early and the bus came 20 minutes late. I was confused as to what to do about paying the tickets as the guy hardly spoke English. It was $5 more to ride than Todays. The ride up to NYC was a nightmare. It took us almost 5 hour to get to NYC in moderate traffic. I also experienced an incident where the driver suddenly put on the brakes, but no one was injured. I was happy though to get off a block from the my beloved PATH train at 33RD St station. There was no return trip. I got to the stop about 5 minutes late to find out that the bus had come on time and had left already. I was forced to go to East Broadway and take Todays bus where it took only 3 hours and about 45 minutes to get to DC. By far the only positive experience from Todays.

Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 12:46:59
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Will"

I had a very bad experience with New Century this past Friday and I would like to post it. For the last two years, I have used New Century to travel in between Philadelphia and New York and have never had a problem. Trusting that New Century was reliable, I decided to take the 3:30 a.m. bus from Washington, D.C to New York on the morning of Friday, January 31st. I arrived at 3:15 a.m., and saw an empty bus waiting by the ticket office, and three potential passengers waiting outside the office. I went to an ATM to withdrawl cash for my trip and when I returned the three individuals I had seen outside the office were speaking with the man at the ticket office, showing their tickets and acting dejected. Apparently, the man at the New Century ticket office claimed that the bus was full. This was patently absurd as there had never been any other passengers around the office, but when I challenged him, he said the bus had already left, twenty minutes prior. As I had arrived before this time, I knew this to be false. Eventually, the other potential passengers and myself were left to find other transportation to New York. Keep in mind, the New Century website clearly states that a New York-bound bus leaves Washington EVERYDAY at 3:30 a.m. New Century disregarded the schedule they posted on the web, and flatly lied when questioned. They are not to be trusted and I will not use their service again. I advise anyone looking looking to use New Century to regard their posted schedule with great suspicion.

Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 09:04:53
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Jodi"

I recently tried C/Bus NYC-Philly. Excellent experience, ontime departure/arrival both ways. Bus arrived just off Market street, a good location. Bus was dirty, however. Was a little nervous that the young driver was talking on the phone the whole way back from Philly, but still, there was no incident. Best part: $12 each way. Will use again.

Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 22:42:37
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Eric"

I took the Fung Wah bus from Boston to NY on Sept. 18th. We stop in Connecticut off I-84. The driver says 15 minutes. I go outside 13 minutes later and the bus was gone. I know the time because I was watching the clock while I was in the BK line. Thank God my brother was able to leave NYC to come and pick me up. I will give Fung Wah credit, in that I was able to call them to arrange for them to pick up my bag from off the bus once it got to NYC. I was able to pick it up at their office in NYC that night. They say they asked the driver about leaving me, and he said he waited for 20 minutes. I call bullshit on that driver. This was my 3rd Fung Wah trip, the previous 2 were fine. If they stop at a rest area, don't believe the time they give you. If they 15 minutes, you better be back in 10, or they will leave you there.

Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 17:18:19
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Anonymous"

If you're willing to spend a little more money, $69 each way, LimoLiner is the way to go from Boston-NYC and vice versa. Includes seatside power outlets, internet access, onboard attendant, and worktables for meetings. They also have a frequent traveler program. is their website. Cheers.

Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 01:50:14
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Lydia"

My husband took the Washington Deluxe from NYC to DC, he enjoyed it WAAY better than the yucky Greyhound. Price was better, less people, not as smelly, etc. Only thing weird was finding the locations, they're at different stops. Otherwise, definitely recommend!!

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 10:35:55
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Puja"

I love your site and use it all the time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put a note in the main page that says that the New Century Bus (DC-NYC) DOES allow small pets on board! They're one of the best companies (and I've taken every DC-NYC bus in the past three years) and have always been very professional. So many pet owners get desperate for animal-friendly travel and they assume that the Chinatown busses don't allow dogs. Please put a note on the site so that they know!


Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:32:54
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Sue"

Mike, Just wanted to let you know, that my daughter and I took Fung Wah to Boston for Labor day week-end. No problem with the trip - we arrived a bit early in Boston and about 15 min. late in New York (it was Monday Labor day after all) I was unable to purchase both legs of the trip at the same time - The Trip to Boston was $10 - my the trip home purchased two days later was $15. I think this might have something do with the fact they are now using Gate 13 at South Station in Boston. I checked other lines and they too had raised their rates. FYI If you travel on week-ends and/or holidays - Greyhound/Peter Pan/Trailways has a $15 one way fare on some of the buses.

Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 20:14:12
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Cathy"

I was a big fan of the Chinatown buses when I started going to DC every other weekend to visit my boyfriend, but the past three times I have taken the Eastern Bus company, it's been horrible, jsut horrible. The first time the bus broke down and no one told us, so we waited for three hours until the next scheduled bus showed up, the second time, I caught the 4 PM in Chinatown, which swung up to Herald Square to get people and then BACK down to Chinatown to become the "5 PM" bus, thereby putting us all in the rush hour traffic that we had tried to avoid, and then last Friday, after the bus was 45 minutes late picking us up in Herald Square, it drove to the Holland instead of the Lincoln, meaning we didn't leave the city for another hour and a half- WITH NO AIR CONDITIONING. People got off, it was terrible, and I think they should go out of business for their shitty service. I have no problem with the other bus companies, like Vamoose and Washington Deluxe, they've always been fine.

Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 14:59:59
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Vid"

Thanx for making this site. It was very very very helpful when i was planing my trip to the US in July 2004.

To the contrary of some reviews i have read on this site (before experiencing the buses myself), my experience was entirely POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!

I took the LuckyStar Bus from BOS to NY and Eastern Travel from NY to WDC.
- both buses were on-time (4.5h from BOS-NY and 5h from NY-WDC)
- friendly drivers (seriously!), they drive safely and know how to avoid heavy traffic in the cities
- GREAT PRICE!!! especially for backpack travelers
- relatively clean, like any other public bus i took in my life
- sadly, i didn't get to see any Chinese/Korean tv shows some other reviews mentioned, although i was looking forward to that
- me and my friends were traveling with a lot of luggage and left it under the bus,there was no luggage surcharge and everything arrived to the destination safely!!!!!!
- as some other reviews have mentioned earlier, EasternTravel has a great pick-up location on Times Square in NY!!!!!!!!!!!!! great for NY-WDC travelers

I definitely recommend it to all backpackers who want to travel cheap and comfortable and also to frequent BOS-NY-WDC travelers. GREAT VALUE!!!!! just 10-20USD one-way.

thanx again for the site Mike,

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 00:21:33
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Raymond"

Hey Mike,
My name is Raymond and I am also a fellow Chinatown Bus fan. I love your site and I believe it is a great idea to spread the wealth and word of the good ole chinabuses. Heres a trip report of my last trip I rode on chinatown bus:

Sorry the pictures doesnt work, it is an outdated post and the pictures are currently off the host they used to be on.

Thank you and take care!

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 10:31:00
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Cole"

I took the 2000 Coach bus between New York and Washington D.C. and it was a no-frills but perfectly comfortable experience. There was a bit of trouble with a rattling TV on the bus, but with my iPod I thankfully was able to avoid having to listen to it. In both directions the drivers seemed to be experienced and capable, and made good time. In fact, I took the 2AM bus back from DC to New York and we made it in about 3.5 hours, so I really have to wonder what kind of speeds we were managing while I slept. However, for the parts of the ride when I was awake, the driving did not seem at all unsafe.

For those of you who aren't very familiar (as I was not) with the 88 East Broadway neighborhood, I very much suggest the East Broadway subway station on the F. Other lines are much farther away and it's easy to get lost in the tangled streets of that part of the city.

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 0:52:43
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Deborah"

I had a bad experience yesterday on Today's Bus from New York City to Washington, DC. Their schedule said they had a pickup in midtown NY at 5:15p, express (4-hour) service to DC. They told me the bus would say "Today's Bus" on the side of it. Well, it didn't, but I figured out which bus it was and boarded. It turned out to be a shuttle bus that took us to NY's Chinatown, where we had to switch to another bus. It was total mayhem. The sidewalk was full of anxious passengers trying to board a bus that was oversold. I should note that the Today's Bus agent was quick to take my $20 and hand me a ticket before I even had a seat on the bus. There were too many people, so they ordered a second bus for the overflow. We boarded the second bus around 5:45p. After boarding, I noticed the bus had about 10 empty seats. The people at Today's Bus would not let our bus depart until EVERY SEAT WAS SOLD! We were running late as it was, but they made the driver wait while they tried to hustle additional passengers on the sidewalk. We finally left,but not until every seat was sold. It was nearly 6:30, over an hour late. It was supposed to be a non-stop to DC, and the Today's Bus people assured me it was before I got on the bus, but they lied. The driver told me they made him stop in Philadelphia because some of the last-minute passengers they hustled were going to Phila. We did not arrive in DC until 11:00p, almost 2 hours late. The only good thing about the bus ride was that the driver did not play a movie. I know the price is cheap, but I would've paid the extra $15 to Peter Pan if I'd known that the 4-hour ride was going to take 6 hours. With the Chinatown buses, you just never know.

Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 20:50:12
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Audrey"

Thanks for setting up your website. It was really helpful in determining whether to chance a bus ride from Boston to NYC using any of the Chinatown buses. Based on a reviewer's recommendation, we chose the Fungwah bus to travel to NYC this past weekend, and were not disappointed. We benefited from being forewarned not to place our luggage under the bus until we were absolutely sure it was the bus for which we had a ticket. We almost got on the wrong bus...two different NYC-bound Chinatown buses were boarding at the same time at the same location. Our bus was spotless and roomy, with plastic trash bags attached to every aisle seat. About halfway to NYC, we stopped at a Roy Rogers, where we were able to use the restrooms - which were pretty clean - and buy something to eat. On the return trip, we boarded promptly, and arrived in Boston 3 1/2 hours later. No trash bags on the return trip, and we didn't stop at all, seemingly because the bus was behind schedule (it left on the 1/2 hour). It also seemed to have a replacement driver who did fine until reaching Boston, where he asked if someone would come up to the front of the bus to guide him to the drop-off location. Not a problem, though; he didn't miss a beat, and everyone was happy.

Thanks again, Mike. I've been singing the praises of your site and Fungwah to anyone who'll listen. I hope that my feedback will be helpful to others.

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 03:40:10
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Cynthia"

Hi...I took the Fung Wah bus from New York to Boston on Thursday (3/18) and back again today (3/20) and had no problems at all. I bought my ticket the night before on the internet, and showed up an hour early at the bus stop with print out in hand...the Boston bus arrived on time, right where it was supposed to (despite the fact that it was snowing), we piled on at 10 pm and got to Boston at 2:45 with no stops. The bus was full, but only one or two people got left behind, and they all had 11am tickets anyway. Since we didn't stop, I did have to use the nasty little potty in the back of the bus--it wasn't too bad, but I would recommend if you think you might have to do the same, take some baby wipes!

The trip back was also fine, although the bus left 1/2 hour late. There was such a large overvflow from the 2 pm bus that they brought up a smaller bus to pick up extra people, and I could have gotten on that at 2:40, but I waited for the bigger bus. The bigger bus arrived five minutes late, whereupon the neat little line turned into a pile, but we all got on, and there was room for some 4 pm tickets as well. Zoomed through CT, and stopped for gas along the way at a rest stop, where we also could potty and buy snacks, and then got to NYC at 7:30 despite rain.

So, although I was a bit nervous about the process beforehand (having read some negative reviews), I didn't have any problems, and I would probably do it again. You do need to be proactive about boarding if you want to choose your seat--get there early, stand in line, and then be prepared to scrimmage to get on. Take baby wipes if you think that you'll need the facilities, and if you want to nap, take a pillow of some kind. The bus I was on didn't have a movie or music, so also provide your own entertainment.

For $10 bucks, it's a deal. Also--in Boston, the stop is right near the train/bus station, so if there is a problem with the bus not arriving you can always dash over there and get on Amtrak/Peter Pan. Also, the Boston bus office is in a bakery, but there is a sign out front. The NYC office is well marked with signs in English and the all the staff seemed to speak enough English to communicate well.

I have a friend who took Travelpack from Philly to NYC two weeks ago, and back again, and he had no problems. He bought his ticket on the bus and he said it took longer to get through the Holland Tunnel than to get from Philly to Jersey City.

Happy trails...

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 08:48:20
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "SLH"

I took the NY Southeastern Bus from Boston to NYC a few weeks back, and I will never ride on that bus line again. The bathroom on the bus was not only not working, but stank to high heaven! We ended up opening emergency exits in the roof to air it out. All was made worse by the fact that we hit some crazy traffic coming through Queens, and the whole trip took an extra hour and a half. Just miserable.

Fung Wah on the other hand is fantastic!

Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 14:54:57
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Lamont"

I just wanted to give my comment about New Century Travel's bus to and from Philadelphia.

Just one question, though. If Philly has the 3rd largest Chinatown behind New York and San Francisco, then why are there only 2 bus lines that go there. New Century and Today's Bus. Just wondering.

Anyway, I've taken New Century 3 times now at different times and on different days to Philadelphia and the experience is always decent. Sure, the windows are a bit dirty, most of the seats are stuck in recline mode, and the tv screens play Korean reality shows that, if you're unfortunate enough to not have a walkman or iPod, can border on torture.

But hey, what do you want for 10 bucks. For the price of a cab ride from the East Village to the Upper West Side, you can get to another city. All Good. It sure beats the $150 Acela train.

I'll take the advice I've gotten on this website, though. Never place luggage under the bus unless you absolutely cannot help it and bring a walkman.

Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 12:15:41
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Faith"

On Sunday, my husband and I wanted to go to Philadelphia. In China town we boarded, or actually were shuffled into a bus of Today Bus Inc. The ticket was about $8 more expensive then the other bus company we had seen on the internet that was suppose to operate from the same location. We didn't let this spoil our trip and arrived in Philadelphia safely and on time.

When we wanted to return to New York, we went to the location where the bus driver had said to wait. We arrived an hour early. The bus never showed up. We constantly checked around to see if the bus maybe parked nearby, but the bus never showed. There was no office there nor a representative. We called the number on our ticket but got no reaction and left a message that we were still waiting.

In the end we had to take another bus, from a company named 2000 something, to get back. That cost us $24. The following morning back in New York, there was no answer again to the phone number on the ticket. The website of the Today Bus Inc. also does not exist. From two women in the 2000 bus I heard that they had also been left standing before by the Today Bus Inc.

Just for a one day trip we ended up paying $32 more then we had anticipated and we had to wait in the rain and cold for over three hours for a bus that never showed. I can therefore do nothing but disapprove of Today Bus Inc and warn others to be careful with this company.


Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 12:39:08
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Pavel"

Hey Mike,

thanks for your gigantic effort of organizing that useful stuff in one place.

I have a question (which is a review in itself) - is there any bus between Philly and DC? My friend in DC and I have been checking the 2000coach website and called their voice number for a while. We are being told for already 3 or 4 months that it is going to be launched "next week" or "in 10 days". Guess they are using Chinese calendar and their 10 days compare to ours somewhat like Fahrenheit to Centigrade or miles to kms.

Any advice here (DC-Philly commute)?

From my other experience with Chinatown buses I would say that as long as it works it is good but if there is any problem then it is better not to be trusted.

I had to go from NYC to Philly on a heavy snowstorm day (the first weekend in Dec.'03) and before even getting to the Canal Street I have tried to call the number to ask if they are up and running. It was an a/m all the time there. As I had a return ticket I went there anyway, there were buses and I was reassured that the busses are running on schedule. I did ask for sure because I thought of taking a train to be back on time. But guess what - as there were too little people for the 3pm bus they have cancelled it (and I can understand that) without saying a word to anyone. By 3:30 I have started asking, everyone at the bus was looking funny at me, and Chinese people were not even sure what was I talking about. Then they have just mentioned that most likely it will be shifted for 5pm. I did not manage to get my money back and what pissed me off the most is that at that point they stopped understanding me speaking English. They were perfect though with those who were just going to get on a bus.

Well, the bus did leave @5 and everything was fine thereafter...

Overall I think this is a good way of getting around. Have to give drivers a credit - when they see a guy being late for a bus, trying hard to make it, they pull to the side and let him/her in, that is great!


Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 16:42:24
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Anonymous"

I had a terrible experience with a company called Boston Deluxe, between NY and Boston.

First of all the ticket was $15, $5 more then the other companies. I took it anyway because the other companies were all booked. I arrived at the NY pick up location at 5 pm, one hour early for my 6 pm departure. There was no sign, no company representative, no evidence that this was the correct location. At 6:30 I called the number on my ticket to make sure I was in the right place because the bus hadn't come yet. They were very rude on the phone and said the just wait, the bus would be there. At 7 it wasn't there. At 8 it wasn't there. At 8:30 a company representative finally showed up and said the bus was stuck in traffic in midtown, and would be there soon. Now I know NY traffic can be ruthless sometimes, but what kind of traffic prevents a bus from going from midtown to Chinatown for 2 1/2 hours on a Sunday evening? At 9 pm the representative said she had chartered another bus for us and it would be there "soon." Who are these people that they can charter a tour bus on a Sunday evening at 9 pm and have it arrive within an hour of the arrangement? And if they really could do that, why the hell didn't they do it 2 hours ago when the bus was an hour late?

At this point the lovely people with the Fung-Wah bus company took pity on us and managed to squeeze about 5 of us onto their already overbook bus to Boston, the last one leaving that evening.

Before I left, I inquired about getting my money back and the Boston Deluxe representative told me that she would not be refunding tickets because she already lost money having to charter this other bus. When my bus left at 9:45, their bus still had not arrived, now almost 4 hours late. (That's pretty much the time it takes to make the trip) I don't know if there ever was a bus or not, but I wasn't going to wait around to find out.

After I got back, I both wrote and emailed the Boston Deluxe Company at the addresses on their website to get my money back, but both the letter and email were returned because the addresses were unknown. I negotiated with my credit card company to not charge me and to not pay the Boston Deluxe Company for services not rendered.

I highly recommend never paying cash for tickets, and never using the Boston Deluxe Bus Company. If they actually are a legitimate company, they're definitely over priced, rude, and incompetent at handling their own errors.

Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 13:28:03
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Chris"

These are pointers for others and for your rankings.

-> Fung Wah is great; they are my favorite company for Boston<->NYC because they have a great NYC location. I am a Bostonian, so the first few times I went to NYC, I could have gotten lost easily. Now that I know my way around that area, I know that Fung Wah's ticket booth is in the perfect location, at Bowery and Canal St. That's also where they pickup and drop off. I've ridden them over 10 times (never been shown a movie though) and its all about location for me.

-> Eastern Travel gave me a pleasant ride for DC<->NYC with a movie at the perfect volume.

-> Today's Bus gave me a pleasant ride for DC<->NYC with a movie. The indoor, heated waiting room in DC was a MAJOR plus!

-> Many chinatown busses pickup and drop-off around 88 East Broadway, which is disconnected from Canal Street and the subway and is a congested, confusing area for a newcomer.

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 19:52:20
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "David"

I usually take to Baltimore from midtown, and have found that recently I take the 1:45 PM bus back to NYC on Sundays. The past three times I've tried the return trip, three different things happened: The first time, no bus showed up at all and we rented a car with the other people who were stuck there. The next time, two different buses showed up going to Chinatown, which was fine by me. They didn't seem to care what bus I got on. I don't know the companies. The last time, a bus showed up, again i forget which one, and it was $15 instead of the usual $20. I do not buy the tix in advance anymore for the return trip as I don't know which company is going to show up at the Baltimore Travel Plaza.

Hope this helps!

Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 00:12:49
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Chris"

I took the Dragon Coach Chinatown bus between NYC and DC in July 2003 and had a horrible experience that I wish to share.

On the way to NYC, the driver never stopped for gas or food. I'm not sure if this is their policy or not, but it wasn't a very good idea considering the fact that we ran out of gas in Jersey City, within sight of Manhattan, on the highway, in the middle lane, on an overpass! The driver, who could not speak English, didn't call for help or try to calm us at all. There were Chinese speakers on the bus, but he didn't speak to them unil he asked them for water. We found about 3 quarts of water, which we watched him carry to the back of the bus, while dodging cars. Presumably, he put the water in the gas tank, because he started the bus, and we headed for the next exit and onto surface streets. Then the bus stopped again and he walked to a nearby convenience store, again not telling us anything. When he returned with 2 gallons of WATER!, about half of the passengers freaked out and left the bus, to risk it on their own. I didn't agree until we got moving again and entered the Holland Tunnel without any more REAL gasoline. I really thought we would get stuck there, but by some miracle, the water got us all the way to Chinatown 2 hours late and without even an appology. Don't take Dragon Coach.

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 14:27:32
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Claudia"

I am writing to report concerns about safety on Today's Bus. I took this bus line to get from from Washington DC to New York City on Sunday, December 21, 1:00.

On the highway we had a very sudden stop while in traffic. I had just gotten out of my seat to use the restroom - I fell on my back and my entire body was thrust from aisle 5 to the front of the bus. My head and body went down the two steps and my head crashed into the front of the bus. I do not question the fact that we needed to stop, as I understand there was a change in traffic flow. However, I am concerned about the suddenness of the stop which caused this accident and wonder if it could have been prevented. After this incident, I noticed other transgressions with the same driver which caused me to follow up with your website.

Later in the trip we were in the right-hand lane during very slow traffic. The bus driver stopped the bus to go use the restroom, in this lane. Although the traffic was slow, it had not stopped.

Less dangerous but still questionable, the driver used the forbidden shoulder of the road during slow traffic and did a questionable u-turn.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I should follow up in any way to report this to your website.

Thanks and happy holidays,

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 18:16:46
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Mukul"

i have tried the bus service twice and both the times it has met my expectations. The price is the standard 20/way and 35/round-trip. Its A/C and show nice movies. Overall a recommended service

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 15:56:27
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Jesse"

The Fung Wah bus to Boston is a great thing. My advice- don't put your bag underneath a bus unless you are certain you will go on it- I've seen some ugly altercations.

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 13:51:35
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Elisa"

Lucky Star is WONDERFUL- when they accidently put me in a seat and then needed it back, they took EXTRA good care of me on the next bus and put me in the front seat (little bus) with the driver, which was the BEST seat out there! they are always nice, run a regular schedule, and dont sell all their tickets in advance- I've ridden them a bunch of times and I LOVE it!

Sunshine sucks- they let me reserve a ticket for 1pm- I printed, got to Boston, and the next day on my return, when my ride dropped me off, I pulled out the ticket and saw 7am! I had to buy a new ticket at Lucky Star to get home- and despite their computer's error, no refunds- they stink

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 16:53:08
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Carey"

First of all, I wanted to say thanks for making that website. I'm sure it will help a lot of people out.

Have you seen the articles about the competing Chinatown bus lines in Philadelphia papers? Here's a link if you haven't.

Maybe you would like to put it on the site- scandal!


Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 14:39:38
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Gjdanna"

there is an ongoing war between the companies that run those bus trips to phily & ac & elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 12:38:27
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Joshua"

I've taken Today's Bus from NYC to DC earlier this year and have no complaints. The bus was not nowhere near falling apart like some Greyhounds and they showed a non edited movie - Braveheart. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing if a family is on the bus. But overall I would say a good experience for the price ($35 roundtrip)

Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 10:45:09
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "Linda"

I have some comments to share from my experiences. I am a loyal rider of Eastern NY <=> DC (mostly just because i know when it comes). I like Eastern because it has the additional stops at Penn Station and Times Square and Rockville, MD. Also, they honor internet reservations so I never have to worry about fighting angry people to get on the bus. The extra few bucks you pay is well worth it when you like to take the bus at the more popular times. However, recently they've started using the smaller busses at certain times, which not only seat fewer people, but have narrower seats and aisles, not the most comfortable experience I've had. Also do not go to the bathroom. It's awful and you can't wash your hands!

But I digress from my main point... a little anecdote... Once upon a time on the Chinatown Bus... (DC to NY) my friend and I arrived late and were not aggressive enough to shove our way to the front. BUT we had internet tickets so we got on. The only seats left were in the row directly in front of the bathroom across the aisle from each other. We sat down and shortly thereafter, a guy comes on and sets down a folding chair between us. Apparently, this bus was BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair). After the bus started moving it got really really hot, we were sweating. One passenger went up to complain to the driver, who said that if he turned on the air conditioning, he would need to cut off the ventilation. He did that, and the back of the bus began to fill with the aroma of urine (eau de bathroom, not eau de toilette). It was absolutely terrible. So again, a passenger went to complain to the driver. And he turned the ventilation back on. The rest of the ride was filled with my friend and I taking turns grabbing or waking up the guy in the aisle so he wouldn't go flying toward the front of the bus every time the driver stepped on the brakes, as well as the guy in the aisle standing up, folding up his chair and squeezing in our leg space while people went to the bathroom. Thankfully, it was not too far delayed (sometimes NY=>DC takes up to 6 hours) and I returned to the comfort of the NYC subway.

Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 20:52:22
To: Chinatown Bus Jockey
From: "foo bar"

I recently took the New Century Travel philly to NY at 11pm on a Monday night.

Ticket seller was nice, bare waiting room but they did have enough seats (probably would be crowded at a busyier time)

slight gltich with initial bus, as we had to change to a different one after about 10 minutes waiting at the depot.

Bus was about 2/3 full, so everyone had seats.

A pretty good movie was shown, with english subtitles. Only problem is that it was a bit too long for the trip, so I missed the very end.

Ride was fine, driver didn't seem to speed nor do anything risky.

overall, a very good experiance


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